Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ukrainian Canadian Ivan Lenko solo

Description on MenOfMontreal This solo is longer than usual, but you will see why when you watch it. This guy is worth every minute! In his interview, Ivan Lenko told Marko Lebeau that he was a bit nervous to shoot his first scene, but his body language during the interview didn’t reveal any nervousness whatsoever. And, when he did his solo, he was everything but nervous… A tease, fun loving, sexy and sensual… As a male stripper, Ivan sure knows how to charm an audience, and his stage presence was clearly obvious in this scene. He knows how to put on a show. Posing and smiling several times for the camera, he is clearly enjoying himself, and he admitted as much after the shoot. A real patriot, this Ukrainian Canadian was sporting a maple leaf jock strap that embraced so deliciously his Canadian sausage and buns. Ivan is so kind and friendly, and those nipple & lip rings just say: “I’m not as innocent as I may first come across as”. While showering, Ivan really gets into playing with his cock and balls, and gives us a pretty hot show of fingering his butthole several times. For his cum shot, he turns off the water, lies down in the tub and pumps us a nice load of hot cum all over his chest. He then rubs it with his hand and then, using the same hand, rubs his face. Ivan defines himself as straight but curious. This was obviously a bit of a daring move for him. Ivan has decided to take the plunge and work with us some more. You will be seeing him in his first sex scene with Alexy Tyler in a couple of weeks…

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Montreal gays Alec Leduc and Alexy Tyler

Description on MenOfMontreal We were shooting at Marko's place a couple of weeks before Christmas and the tree was out but not yet installed. So, Alec and Alexy took charge and started putting up some decorations. Alexy's Yuletide mood quickly gave way to his base sexual instincts as he pushed Alec onto the couch and they started to make out. Alec was the first to go down on his partner's cock. This guy has come a long way since last summer when he first awkwardly gave a guy a blow job. He has become quite the skillful cocksucker since. Alexy was clearly enjoying this careful attention. But, being the good sport he is, he then volunteered to reciprocate with some pretty hot sucking and deep throat action. The guys were so into it that we let them go at it with as few interruptions as possible. We did our best to work the cameras around their passionate love-making without interference or disruption. After riding Alec's cock in a reverse cowboy position, Alexy switched it up so his partner could fuck him from behind. Loud and intense, Alexy came while his top man was fucking him lying on his back. Alexy then went back to sucking Alec to bring him quickly over the top. Alec's huge load landed in gushes on Alexy's face and in his hair. After sucking the remainder of Alec's load off his partner's cock, Alexy reached over and kissed Alec, letting him taste his own load. That was quite the Christmas present!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Muscled gay Christian Power fucks Hayden Colby

Description on MenOfMontreal Since Christian started with us by jumping right into the frying pan, we decided to give him a bit of a break for this one and teamed him up with veteran bottom boy Hayden Colby. Even though his size may intimidate, Christian is a down to earth, friendly and engaging guy. Put him in front of a videographer and camera to shoot some sex and he stiffens up, not only in the groin… His comfort level is improving with each shoot and for this scene he delivers his first blow job. After the initial massage, Hayden starts by servicing this Zeus-like colossus, performing an awesome rim job before turning him around and blowing him masterfully. You can tell Christian is enjoying all this attention with his facial expressions and groaning. But, being the kind hearted guy he is, he interrupts Hayden to reciprocate with his own blow job… his first! What Christian was really eager for (and Hayden also), was to give his partner a good fucking. Once he motions Hayden into position, Christian starts by fucking him missionary style, before moving him into a position for a back-end fucking. He pumps Hayden mercilessly, just like Hayden likes it, loudly banging his dick and balls into his bottom’s ass. Hayden loves to have his nipples played with to reach orgasm. So, Christian stops fucking and obliges by nibbling at them attentively. It isn’t long before Hayden shoots, covering his chest and Christian’s hand with his cum. Christian then rubs Hayden’s cum into his chest before ramping up to shoot his own load next to Hayden’s mouth. The irony of this scene was Marko Lebeau’s comment in the opening segment, wondering if the massage table would hold out. Well, in fact, during the photo shoot prior to the video work, the table did crack from Christian’s weight when he knelt on the table to the photographer’s instructions. Throughout the whole scene everyone was on edge hoping it wouldn’t collapse in mid-shoot. As you can see, it held up!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hugo Lacoste large cock jerk off

Description on MenOfMontreal It was a mild and sunny December day, a week before Christmas, so Marko Lebeau decided to take his friend Hugo Lacoste for a stroll in MontrĂ©al's Quartier international next to the Paris-donated Art-Deco Metro station entrance at Square Victoria.Hugo had been debating for a while about doing a solo for us and finally decided to take the plunge and contacted us the week before. With Xmas approaching, gift-giving can be expensive…A 3rd year law student, Hugo was eager to perform for us and show off his 8”+ cut stick. When we got to his place, he was all apologetic about the dirty dishes on the counter, so that inspired us. You can do your dishes, get all wet and start showing off for us. It was a deal!Hugo has that frat boy look working for him and as soon as we got started we became very appreciative of his showmanship qualities and his nicely chiseled pecs and abs, and let’s not forget his sizeable cut cock!!We pulled out the iPad and showed him some porn, but the need for that didn’t last long as we could see how into it Hugo was from the start. After a very nice counter top hand job, he got on all fours to show so very appealing ass play. You wonder if that has seen any action in the past. After rubbing some precum all over his cock head and keeping that cock of his really boned up, he delivers a very nice load all over his abs. With a red flushed faced, he turns to the camera and says “I hope you liked!” Yes Hugo, we liked!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Master Marko Lebeau and blind slave Hayden Colby

Description on MenOfMontreal This scene has an interesting twist. It was supposed to be a solo to introduce Hayden Colby to the site. However, when he arrived, he was presented to Marko Lebeau and admitted that he had a thing for him. Marko had just finished a scene an hour earlier, so doing a second scene in a day was a bit much to ask. But, we knew that Hayden had a bit of a domination fetish and Marko was willing to take on the role of bossing Hayden around and putting him through the grinder without going into a full-on sex scene. A serviced video with a twist. In fact, Marko has wanted to do a scene with Hayden ever since he met him. With a grin and evil eye, Marko decided he was going to blindfold Hayden and put him literally through the ropes. Hayden's eyes lighted up and things got going. Marko held back from giving his boy any more information about what would happen, which only added to Hayden's interest. As a guy who's done porn on and off for several years, this was a new experience for him. Marko took charge and, quickly, Hayden got really excited. He was so revved up that Marko had to pace himself, so he wouldn't send Hayden over the top too quickly. This only made the sub boy more excited and pumped. Using his mouth, tongue and fingers, a butt plug and dildos, Marko took Hayden for a trip that he was not going to soon forget. Moaning and groaning, our 28 year old bottom boy came intensely and ended up lapping up his own cum from Marko's hands. It was clear that Marko enjoyed playing the bossy Master to a happily submissive Hayden. We'll need a full blown hard core rematch between these two in the near future.
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