Thursday, February 28, 2013

Huge Cock Olivier De Long Solo

Description on MenOfMontreal Straight guy Olivier De Long decided to offer us a close up view of his 10” long and incredibly thick uncut dick. At 22 years of age, this rather quiet yet masculine Chris Evans look-alike has a little bad boy streak that begs to be revealed. Olivier is a construction worker originally from Montreal’s North Shore, but now lives in the City to be closer to his day job. To get things going, he welcomed a massaged by our in-house pro, Marko Lebeau. After several minutes of stress relief, our 5'10', 165 lbs. Sagittarian was left alone to chill. That is when he decided to give us a peak of his weapon of mass destruction. As the shoot got started, our photographer was unaware of our model’s impressive equipment, but he was pleased by the guy’s good looks. To the rest of the crew, the site of his jaw dropping when Olivier stripped and started getting hard was priceless. He just couldn’t believe his eyes. One gets the full measure (so to speak!) of Olivier’s cock when he starts jerking off with both hands one on top of the other, not overlaid. Both of them are not enough to cover the entire length of his dick. Plenty of room left at the head and the base for a good shafting. And, the girth!... His hands could barely grasp the entire thing… Ironically, his dick head is much smaller compared to the rest of his tool.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Montreal men Alec Leduc and Hayden Colby gay porn

Description on MenOfMontreal This was Alec Leduc's 3rd scene with Men of Montréal since his solo and you can see that he is feeling much more comfortable shooting. Remember he defines himself as bi, but his experience with men was very limited prior to doing porn. His cock sucking technique is definitely improving and he is much less reserved when performing, letting himself get caught up in the excitement of the moment. Alec has intensified his workout routine of late, working hard at getting more chiseled abs and pecs. Stay tuned in the next few weeks to see the progress.On the other hand, Hayden Colby, performing for the first time with Men of Montréal, has been doing porn on and off for about 10 years. Hayden is into guys and prefers to be a bottom but will top from time to time. At 28, he is looking pretty hot as he has bulked up, has let his body hair grow and is now sporting a goatee, shedding his twink look for a more jock-like stature. Sexy!These two had a passionate time. In fact, they couldn't stop kissing throughout filming. Alec is usually reserved, but Hayden’s masterful cock sucking talent was in full view as his uncut dick stayed rock hard, his sustained moaning and head bopping back and forth clearly showed just how much he was enjoying being seduced by his more experienced partner. Alec returned the cock sucking favour for a clearly very excited Hayden. After some hot 69 action and rim job, Alec gave Hayden what he was really craving… a good fuck!After a good pounding, Hayden was first to shoot, unloading on Alec’s stomach. He was quickly followed by a clearly excited Alec who barely had to touch himself to unload his seed… Pretty hot!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Young Marko Lebeau fucks gay bodybuilder Christian Power

Description on MenOfMontreal Christian Power casually states during his interview with Marko Lebeau that he is nervous for this scene, as this is his first time in front of a camera. He is indeed and it shows sometimes during the shoot, even though he appeared to be quite relaxed during his conversation with our host. There are times throughout the scene when he looks overwhelmed and distracted by the presence of cameras and the crew.At 6' and 265 lbs. of solid muscle, this body-builder/personal trainer's massive frame can come across as intimidating, even to Marko as he sometimes doesn't seem to know quite how to handle a guy 100 lbs. pounds heavier than him. But our host seems appreciative and after he starts kissing Christian and caressing his body, he quickly plunges for his cock.Moving back and forth from his cock to his nipples and abs, Marko goes down so deep on him that he shed’s a tear! After a rimming that Christian appeared to clearly enjoy, Marko rams his bulky bottom’s ass mercilessly! Even though Christian worked his ass with a dildo prior to Marko’s attack, we aren’t sure he enjoyed the fucking as much as the rim job he got. Yet, he’s lucky it was Marko’s 6.5-7 inch cock and not an 8 or 9 incher that initiated him to the art of bottoming.After fucking Christian in a few positions Marko lays him on his back on the edge of the bed and fucks him again until he shoots, unloading on Christian’s balls and abs, then rubbing his seed over the bodybuilders’ abs. Then, Christian ramps up to unload his own juice to Marko’s chant of Good Boy!!All in all, a job well done! Christian was a real trooper. It was obvious that he was overwhelmed at times, but he carried through and is now committed to doing more. Next time up, he will be teamed with veteran actor Alexy Tyler!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hairy bufman Kenzo Masi in police uniform


Description on MenOfMontreal Kenzo Masi is of half Italian, half French Canadian descent. He works as a miner in the Northern reaches of Quйbec, and makes his way back to Montrйal every few weeks, where he sidelines as a male stripper in one of the city's gay nightclubs. Soon to be 24 years old, this 5'8', 165 lbs. Pisces was very comfortable for his first time ever doing porn. Re-enacting his SWAT Team stripper routine for Marko Lebeau, he maneuvered his constantly hard 8' caliber weapon with such ease, jerking off teasingly and rubbing its head with his abundant pre-cum. When Marko asked him how big his tool is, he simulated grabbing it with both hands and said 7'... Honestly, too many of our guys tend to low-ball (so to speak!!) their cock size. He definitely sports a 7.5 or 8' uncut dick.In contrast to many of the city's strippers, Kenzo actually keeps his body hair... Must be because of the extreme cold up North. It's trimmed and really hot, and adds to his manliness!! And, he doesn't mind playing with his butt hole either. Kenzo was very playful throughout the day, and during the photo shoot, he decided to cuff his hand and cock together. Our photographer had such a fun time capturing him using his cuffs, his gun and flashlight.Kenzo's cum shot was quite the blast! Loads and loads of protein gushing from his stiff dick. Mindful of not staining the couch, he actually pulled out his briefs to shoot on. So polite!Working with Kenzo was so much fun. He is such a laid-back and comfortable guy. So let's hope he wants to come back for more!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Alec Leduc, Lorenzo Star

Description at MenOfMontreal Alec Leduc is progressing quickly in his discovery of man-on-man sex. This time the more experienced and sex starved Lorenzo Star was his scene partner. We were a bit nervous about this paring as we thought Alec might be intimidated by Lorenzo’s go-for-it attitude. He definitely held his own though, but it was clear that this was going faster and more intensely than he expected. These guys both self-identify as bisexual, but it is clear that the more experienced Lorenzo is more in his comfort zone.Both Alec and Lorenzo are gamers and when they saw the gaming station in the living room where we were shooting they wanted a quick game to determine who would top who. But Alec has yet to try bottoming, so that wasn’t in the cards. We still decided to play that into the scene, but language and the scripted mood just didn’t allow the idea to work well.It’s always good to see how Alec can pop a boner and keep it going. And, he really got off on the rim job Lorenzo delivered. After an initial struggle, Alec’s cock found his tempo in Lorenzo’s butt hole. And, after some hot 69 action and some reverse cowboy fucking, Lorenzo got into a good groove while being pounded preacher style. He came with a sizable load that he promptly licked off his fingers then immediately kissed Alec. Not sure if Alec had ever swapped cum, but he didn’t seem to mind. This was when Alec encountered his first porn star challenge. His cock got so chaffed that a cum shot had become impossible for him… Welcome to reality porn! The look of frustration on his face showed just how much he aspires to overcome his inexperience and deliver good porn. Upcoming scenes will show just how well he is progressing.
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